MK Global Management

MK Global Management website design by designer zahid

MK Global Management is an investment firm based in Morocco. The CEO Hicham Kortito is a phenomenal person. I had a great experience working on their website. Service: UI/UX & Web Development Client: Hicham Kortito Year: 2021 Homepage Here is the initial design of the homepage for the site. With nice background image with low […]

Essence Ayurveda

Essence Ayurveda - Homepage design by Zahid

They are an organic therapy company. Doing business in Australia. Service:  Web Design & Development Client: Rachael Cannard Year: 2021 Homepage With a nice header shot and the logo in front of that I tried to focus on the service they provide. Course Courses page here with 3 column layout.  Course Details Course details page […]

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